Washington Court House Industrial Park

Washington Court House, Ohio 43160

Primary Contact

Jamie Gentry

Property Details

Street Address: Lowes Blvd

City: Washington Court House

County: Fayette County

Zip Code: 43160

Type of space: Industrial, Vacant Land, Build to Suit

Min Size: 5 acres

Max Size: 272 acres

Last Updated: 8/27/2019


SiteOhio Authenticated: Yes

For Sale: Yes

Sale Price: $8,160,000

Price per acre: $30,000

Number of Owners: 1

Date Property is Available: Immediately

Featured Property Detail: SiteOhio Authenticated

Site Details

Industrial Park Name: Washington Industrial Park

Industrial Park: Yes

Lot Size: -5,107 acres

Total Acres: 287 acres

Total Developable Acres: 287 acres

Divisible: Yes

Zoning: Industrial

Flood Plain: No

Percent in Flood Plain: 0 %

Flood Plain Comments: Site is not within a flood plain.

Separate Mineral Rights: No

Topography: Flat

Land Use: Industrial, Agriculture


Opportunity Zone: Yes

Enterprise Zone: Yes


Nearest Highway: US Route 35

Distance to Nearest Highway: 0.25 miles

Highway 2: US Route 22

Distance to Highway 2: 0.10 miles

Nearest Interstate: I-71

Distance to Nearest Interstate: 10 miles

Nearest Airport: Port Columbus International Airport

Distance to Nearest Airport: 45 miles

Airport 2: Dayton International Airport

Distance to Airport 2: 60 miles

Rail at Property: Yes

Rail Provider(s): Genessee & Wyoming


Electric at Site: Yes

Electric Provider: Dayton Power & Light

Electric Line Size (KVA): 69 kV KVA

Gas at Site: Yes

Gas Provider: Vectren

Gas Line Size: 6 in

Water at Site: Yes

Water Provider: City of Washington Court House

Water Line Size: 12 in

Excess Water Capacity at Site: 1,730,000 GPD

Sewer at Site: Yes

Sewer Provider: City of Washington Court House

Excess Sewer Capacity at Site: 700,000 GPD

Sewer Line Size: 10 in

Fiber Service to Site: Yes

Fiber Provider: Time Warner

Site Due Diligence

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Completed: Yes

Geotechnical Study Completed: Yes

Wetlands Delineation Completed: Yes

Archeological Study Completed: Yes

Endangered Species Study Completed: Yes

Contact Information

Contact Name: Godwin Apaliyah

City: Washington Court House

State: Ohio

Phone: 740-636-2354

Contact Information

Company: Dayton Development Coalition

Contact Name: Matt Shimp

Address: 900 Kettering Tower

City: Dayton

State: Ohio

Phone: 9372224422

Contact Information

Company: JobsOhio

Contact Name: Tyler Lash

Address: 41 S High St

City: Columbus

State: Ohio

Phone: 614.448.1016


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